Technotes (FAQ), Withdrawal Announcement and Upcoming Redbook residencies

John. Dee

Technotes (FAQ), Withdrawal Announcement and Upcoming Redbook residencies

Hi DB2 user,
Here is a non-profit Blog about DB2 for z/OS (IBM mainframes): Last update on Monday, January 26th 2009
Here are several new Technotes (FAQ), available on IBM DB2 for z/OS website:

- Troubleshooting access-path-related performance problems- BIND ERROR SQLCODE109 TOKENS=INTO in Version 9 compatibilty mode- What data should I collect first for DB2 performance analysis?- CAST to DOUBLE is an approximation- DSNL030I: How do I trace the TCP/IP address to catch an unauthorized user?
Withdrawal Announcement 908-280 December 2, 2008
- DB2 for z/OS Version 8 to be withdrawn from marketing September 8, 2009- IBM Software Support Lifecycle
Upcoming DB2 z/OS Redbook residencies
- DB2 9 for /OS: Distributed Architecture Functions and Scenarios, SD-9Z01-R01- DB2 9 for z/OS: The Utilities Suite, SD-9Z02-R01- DB2 9 for z/OS: Resource Serialization and Concurrency Control, SD-9Z03-R01
Information about Residencies

Regards, DB2usa.
PS: DB2usa website is still available at:

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