SORTC_JOIN = Y on Nested Loop Join

Bernd Oppolzer

SORTC_JOIN = Y on Nested Loop Join
Hello DB2 list,

we encountered some performance problems on a join of
two large tables (80 million records both).

The two tables are connected by a PK-FK-relation,
which should be 1:1 in almost all cases.

The table with the PK (tab1) is taken as the outer table,
the other (tab2) as inner (although there is a local
condition for tab2).

Maybe wrong statistics. But I don't understand the following:

there is a Y in the column SORTC_JOIN in the second row
of the PLAN_TABLE (the row containing METHOD = 1).

Under what circumstances will DB2 sort the composite in
a nested loop join? There is no List Prefetch on the
inner table. What does the Y in SORTC_JOIN mean?

Kind regards



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