Performance Control for DB2

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Performance Control for DB2
It may only be Monday, but what the heck... Friday is never far away.

Was doing some general websurfing, and saw something about DB2 performance on the JC Whitney website - they're auto parts.
Or course I clicked to see what it was... snake oil. Like chrome muffler bearings.

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Need a sense of humor .....


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If the PeopleSoft process is using dynamic SQL, and if dynamic statement caching is being utilized, is it possible that the ALTER TABLESPACE LOCKSIZE change has had no effect because the statements in question are cached and have not been re-prepared since the execution of the ALTER TABLESPACE statement? If so, you could try invalidating the cached statements by way of a RUNSTATS job with UPDATE NONE and REPORT NO. Then, when the statements are re-prepared, the new LOCKSIZE specification should be honored.

Also, does the compare involve just SELECT statements against the target objects? If so, why are so many locks being held? Was the associated package bound with an isolation level of repeatable read?


On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 9:57 AM, SrinivasG <[login to unmask email]> wrote:


The user is running compare reports in People Soft that is accessing DB2 V9 Database.

Consistently we are getting the below error :





REASON 00C90096

TYPE 00000304


I have Altered the Tablespaces to have lock size Table or Tablespace. In addition I have reset NUMLKUS to 0.

Earlier NUMLKUS was 10000 and then 30000. Out of desperation I have set it to 0.

We have a Z800 Dual CPU System. The memory allocated to this LPAR that only runs DB2 is 3.2 GB.

But still this error persists.


Srinivas G

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