Jose Antonio

Hello everyone again!

After running an accounting report we have an average time of:

SER.TASK SWTCH 1.850374 and almost everything is UPDATE COMMIT 1.845896

Reading Administration Guide it suggests:

Wait for phase 2 commit processing for updates, inserts, and deletes (UPDATE

COMMIT). You can reduce this wait time by allocating the DB2 primary log on a

faster disk. You can also help to reduce the wait time by reducing the number of

commits per unit of work.

My DBA mate says that DB2 primary log is located in a faster disk already.

Any ideas apart from the ones in the Administration Guide!?!??!?!?!

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

José A Morcillo Valenciano
Tfno.: +34 965 90 51 43
747-Producción Informática

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