CDB Trusted Context and Already Authenticated

Jorg Lueke

CDB Trusted Context and Already Authenticated
If anyone has any experience with the Communications Database in going from
z/os to LUW your feedback will be appreciated! We have verified that we can
connect between our different systems, well not Oracle at this point. A key
requirement is that users can use the link for both scheduled and adhoc work
(the data serves mainly BI). We definitely don't want to start populating
USERNAMES table with 300 analysts for 12 or more servers. What they would
really like is to pass the userid/pwd in a parm (via somethign like a SAS
command) to the other side but I don't see any way you can pass along a
userid/pwd without specifying it in the CDB. That leaves the options
trusted on the link or already verified as a security option. The trusted
context again seems to be user based so it wouldn't work with 300 some
users. Already verified is easiest on our end, and I imagine on the LUW
side they just need to enable client authentication. But can you have both
types of connections come into the server?


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