Xephon DB2 Update Books

Sam Golob

Xephon DB2 Update Books
Hi Folks,

I'd like to announce that since Xephon stopped publishing their
journals (they had been given over to Thomas Publications, and Thomas
stopped publishing them in early 2008) the support for most of the
magazines has been passed to www.cbttape.org (the CBT Tape collection).
So you can look at (and download) XEPHON DB2 Update issues from 1998
thru 2005 inclusive at www.cbttape.org/xephon/xephond without having to
register for anything or be a member. We happen to be missing a PDF of
the April 2004 issue (Issue 138), and if anyone has it, we would
appreciate having it to complete our collection of this block of
magazines, 1998 thur 2005. Please attach it to an email to me, at
[login to unmask email] Thanks in advance. (I know how to return a favor,
too. It will be very much appreciated.)

Also, if anyone has collections of the older magazine articles in
text format, Thomas Publications has given me permission to distribute
them freely, and support them, on www.cbttape.org. We hope that the
collection will help all of you, and we thank you in advance if you can
supply us with missing issues and articles.

All the best of everything to all of you.

Sam Golob (proprietor of the www.cbttape.org free MVS software collection)


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