Access Production From non-Production Subsystems

Steve Runtsch

Access Production From non-Production Subsystems
We currently do not generally allow access to production DB2 z/OS
subsystems from non-production subsystems or vice versa (via three-part
names or CONNECT, for example). We do have a couple of exceptions which
DBAs have become accustomed to using, and this ability does simplify some
database maintenance activities. For example, extracting DDL from one
subsystem and using it to create objects in a second subsystem can be done
in a single job step. Now we have been asked to provide that convenience
on all subsystems.

I think we understand the benefits of providing DBAs the access that they
have requested. My question is, for what reasons should this access not
be allowed? Do other shops not allow non-production to production
subsystem access and why? Do you have policies in place that you use to
help enforce restricting this type of access?

Any information or thoughts that you provide about this will be greatly

Steve Runtsch
Assurant, Inc.
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