ASN0011E: Reorg without keepdictionary

Maria Victoria Lainez Gutierrez

ASN0011E: Reorg without keepdictionary
Hello Pete (Woodman),

After the problem we had with Data Propagator (Reorg wihout keepdictionary) in November, that we solved losing data, we decided to test the procedure you sent us.


I believe that this might work ...

1. Image Copy the Tablespace.

2. Put the in Tablespaces UT.

3. Recover the Tablespace (or Partition) to before the Reorg ran without


4.Start the Tablespace in RO.

5. Start Capture and allow it to catch up to where the Reorg ran.

6. Shut Capture down.

7. Start the Tablespace in UT.

8. Recover the Tablespace back to 1.

9.Start the Tablespace in RO

10. Start Capture and wait for it to get up to date.

11.Start Tablespace in RW

I've not tried this personally, but we do have these instructions documented

just in case.

We have reproduced the same situation in a test environment and your procedure works fine. It's perfect.

Thanks a lot,

Vicky Láinez

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