[AD] Cogito DB2 z/OS Webinar Series: Accelerate DB2 9 or 10 Migration while Reducing Ri

Phil Grainger

[AD] Cogito DB2 z/OS Webinar Series: Accelerate DB2 9 or 10 Migration while Reducing Ri
Migrating to DB2 9 or 10? Don't be blindsided by degraded SQL response time
and increased resource utilization. Anticipate and remediate adverse access
path changes using EZ-DB2 from Cogito.

When moving to DB2 Vnext, many access paths will change, some for the
better, some for the worse. Determining access path changes and their
impact/cost is crucial to a successful migration. When performing bulk
re-binds, it's time consuming and costly to check for and prevent
undesirable access path changes without the help of a tool designed
specifically for the purpose.

This webinar will describe how EZ-DB2 from Cogito is uniquely positioned to
help the DB2 user avoid undesirable access path changes when migrating both
Static and Dynamic SQL to DB2 9 or 10.

Also understand the ongoing benefits of access path change analysis via
EZ-DB2 in relation to application migration, RUNSTATS, and regular REBIND

Please attend our upcoming webinar on Thursday, December 9th at 11 AM EST.

To understand how EZ-DB2 can address your DB2 migration challenge sign up
now by going to: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/684558320

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