Another XML challenge

Marcel van Tunen

Another XML challenge

the challenge I'm facing looks like this:

I'll be having xml messages coming in that basically look like:



to validate this in DB2 I added a schema (SYSPROC.XSR_REGISTER) for the
message to the xsr.
I import de header and payload schema's in the message schema so I added
these two under the same NAME (XSR_ADDSCHEMADOC)

I can now validate the incoming message:

works fine (when you have all the namespaces right) BUT:

our header has the same schema for all messages so I don't want to store
it multiple times.
I want to reuse the same one over and over again.
I would like to store it apart from the message schema's and only
reference it.

so I would xsr_register the header
next xsr_register the message and xsr_addschemadoc the payload

is this possible? anyone met the same challenge?

Marcel van Tunen
Tata steel


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