The DB2Night Show Episode #36- HIGH AVAILABILTY: Comparing DB2 (pureScale), Oracle (RAC

Linda Adams

The DB2Night Show Episode #36- HIGH AVAILABILTY: Comparing DB2 (pureScale), Oracle (RAC

Hi DB2 Listserv:
The International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) is pleased to partner with DBI to deliver a free Webcast by renowned presenter Scott Hayes, President & CEO, DBI.
The DB2Night Show Episode #36- HIGH AVAILABILTY: Comparing DB2 (pureScale), Oracle (RAC), and SQL Server (Cluster)
Let's be candid - there's probably little comparison. (grin)

DB2 has some great high availability options like HADR and Pure-Scale. But how about the competition? How does DB2 compare to Oracle and SQL Server? In this episode we will look at the architectures that enable high availability and show you why DB2 Pure-Scale is superior to Oracle RAC and SQL Server Cluster.

Special guest Klaas Brant, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant & Owner KBCE, returns to our show for a second appearance. You might recall Klaas was on our show earlier this year (Episode #18 on 7 May 2010) talking about the Top 10 DB2 LUW mistakes that people make - an Episode that was extremely popular with viewers. Watch the replay if you like at:

If you'd like to learn about DB2 PureScale and competing technologies, then this show is for you!

About the Presenter:
Scott Hayes, President & CEO DBI, will be the keynote speaker for this Webinar. Scott has published several articles in DB2 Magazine (now IBM Database Magazine), and he is a frequent speaker at DB2, ISACA, and ISSA conferences on topics of database performance, security, and auditing. He is also providing free DB2 LUW education via the DB2 Magazine blogs at:
Webcast Schedule Times – Friday, 17 December 2010:
USA (CST) 1000 to 1100.
UK (GMT) 1600 to 1700.
Central Europe (CET) 1700 to 1800.
Universal Coordinated Time 1600 to 1700.

To register:
For more information don’t forget to visit the IDUG website at

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