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Leon Katsnelson

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Use DB2 Connect v9.7 FP3a. There really is no reason to stay on the back
level versions like 9.5. There is a lot of really good stability and
quality content in 9.7 FP3 not to mention exploitation of the latest
features of DB2 for z/OS.

Leon Katsnelson
Program Director, IBM Data Servers

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Date: 2010/12/20 03:43 PM
Subject: [DB2-L] DB2 Connect 9.5 accessing DB2 z/OS 7.1
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I have a client that is running DB2 z/OS 7.1 that would like to upgrade to
V8.1 and beyond. One task holding them back is upgrading DB2 Connect
which happens to be at V7.2 FP6 which does not support DB2 z/OS 8.1.

DB2 Connect 9.1 will be EOM on 1/21/2011 so I would rather go with
something more current such as Connect 9.5 but it’s not documented as
working with DB2 z/OS 7.1. I was wondering if anyone is running DB2
Connect 9.5 connecting up to DB2 z/OS 7.1 and if so have you had any
issues with that configuration. I don’t plan on running this very long,
only long enough to get to DB2 z/OS 8.1

Thanks for the help in advance!
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