dsntijne question - useful pattern for cat reorg?

Roy Reynolds

dsntijne question - useful pattern for cat reorg?
Long ago I recall talking with an IBM DB2 catalog guy about migration job DSNTIJNE. We discussed how it was actually a catalog online reorg with the exception of the CONVERTV8 keyword. I seem to recall asking if, after removing that keyword I could use it to run a catalog online reorg. I think he said 'yes'. I'm guessing there were some caveats too but don't recall them now.
I'm preparing to migrate members of a DS group to V9 and want to reorg the catalog first. I doubt it has ever been reorged apart from the migration to V8. Has anyone ever used DSNTIJNE as a pattern for a catalog online reorg?
I'd appreciate advice, experiences, and comments before proceeding in the next week or two.

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