[AD] Webinar from Cogito - EZ-Tracer Live Demo and EZ-Index Analyzer & EZ-XOP

Phil Grainger

[AD] Webinar from Cogito - EZ-Tracer Live Demo and EZ-Index Analyzer & EZ-XOP
The latest webinar from Cogito is a two-parter

In part 1 see EZ-Tracer and the power of SQL Consolidation. With Consolidation, you can see the 'small' SQLs that run over and over again, assess their true impact on workload performance, and tune them. Don't waste your time hunting the SQL "elephants" when its the SQL "mosquitoes" that are hurting you!
Part 2 follows immediately with EZ-Index Analyzer and EZ-XOP the industry leading tools using patented technology to ensure the correct index design for new and existing applications to arrive at better performance, reduced resource consumption, and reduced DBA effort.
To register for this webinar, please visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/605601033

Note: Cogito reserves the right to deny attendance at its sole discretion and it is preferred that attendees register using a company email address and not a generic email address such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.

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