Cogito DB2 Tech Talk - Automated Index Optimisation - Is It Even Possible?

Phil Grainger

Cogito DB2 Tech Talk - Automated Index Optimisation - Is It Even Possible?
Please join Cogito and Phil Grainger for the first DB2 Tech Talk of 2011 on
Thursday January 20th at 2.00pm GMT

One of the key performance tuning "knobs" for a DB2 application is the
provision of adequate indexes - or better still, provision of exactly the
RIGHT indexes.

The snag is, as DB2 evolves and as the optimiser gets smarter, the set of
"right" indexes may change over time. In addition, workload and usage
changes of the application itself may also change what is the right indexing
strategy. Of course, it has always been possible to manually determine
which indexes are needed (and perhaps which ones are now not helping as much
as they should) this approach has the twin disadvantages of requiring highly
skilled people to do the analysis and taking an excessive amount of time to
do correctly.

This is why there has been a search amongst software vendors for the "holy
grail" of an automated index determination solution.

But is this even possible, and if it is, does the resulting answer actually
"do the job" or does it just take too long to come to a determination.

So is automatic index evaluation even possible? This presentation looks at
the possibilities

Registration is open at

Phil's talk is followed by a short (15 minute) live demo of the EZ-Index
Analyzer product from Cogito.

Note: Cogito reserves the right to deny attendance at its sole discretion
and it is preferred that attendees register using a company email address
and not a generic email address such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.

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