LinkedIn IDUG groups - Please join us

Phil Grainger

LinkedIn IDUG groups - Please join us
During the IDUG EMEA 2011 planning meeting at the weekend we happened to notice that the membership of the LinkedIn IDUG EMEA group is much smaller than we expected it to be - in fact VERY much smaller

Thinking about this, it may be because people don't even know that these groups exist!

So here are the links to the groups - if you have ANY interest in IDUG conferences worldwide, please do consider joining one (or more) of these groups. These are the best places to exchange information with fellow conference attendees about upcoming conferences without annoying all the subscribers here who may NOT be attending that particular conference!

IDUG: The World Wide DB2 User Community (this is the "parent" group) is at

IDUG Australasia is at


IDUG India is at

IDUG North America is at

and IDUG Speakers (past, present and future) are welcome at
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