[AD] IBM class Application Performance Dallas 2/28

Larry Kintisch

[AD] IBM class Application Performance Dallas 2/28
Hi Listers,

I've been teaching IBM Technical Education DB2 classes [as a
contract instructor] since 1991. Many of you may have missed the
chance to learn the ways to tune a DB2 application, or may have new
staff members or managers that lack this training. The IBM class that
teaches these concepts is CV960 "DB2 9 for z/OS Application
Performance and Tuning."

I'll be teaching it at the Jack Morton facility in Dallas, TX and
also on-line "Live Virtual" on February 28-March 4, 2011 and there
are seats remaining. In order for the class to run, you must ACT
QUICKLY TO REGISTER. Contact Jack Morton at: 800-462-0102 [
click on the Enroll link ]. Visiting Dallas during this cooler
season is a delight compared to the unbearable hot summers there.
Spending a weekend before or after class as a sightseer, shopper or
theatre-goer will be quite memorable, especially The Sixth Floor
Museum at Dealey Plaza, the moving memorial to JFK [
http://www.jfk.org/go/visit ].

You'll leave the class really understanding what's going on inside
DB2 as it answers your SQL query, with a range of important
performance enhancing skills: index design and index trade-offs, how
to live with the optimizer (avoid pitfalls, help it when necessary);
how to avoid locking problems; how to use EXPLAIN [with labs] and
explore accounting traces to find significant performance problems in
an operational application. We discuss huge batch jobs and how CPU
usage can be reduced, as well as the issues of immense data warehouse
queries and summary tables. [For more information

For those of you who work in the Dallas Metro area, the class will
be held at Improving Enterprises, Inc., 15950 Dallas Parkway #500,
Dallas, TX, about 3 miles north of I-635 on the Dallas North Tollway
in Addison.

If travel budget is limited, IBM's business partner Jack Morton
Technical Education gives you the flexibility to get trained without
the travel hassel and T & L expense using cutting-edge
technology. The class is offered concurrently via vTrain, an
internet-based live training solution accessible from anywhere! I'll
be teaching live students in the classroom, and we'll all do
exercises and IBM eLABS with shared remote desktops for help with
labs. [vtrain info: http://learning.jackmorton.com/pages/sales.aspx ]

Contact me off-line if you have any questions. LKint {at}
verizon.net SKYPE: lhkint (h): 845-353-0885 [NYC area EST]

Larry Kintisch Pres., ABLE Information Services

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