[AD] Re: [DB2-L] Suggestions on a Training Initiative

Larry Kintisch

[AD] Re: [DB2-L] Suggestions on a Training Initiative
Hi Ed,
May I suggest your firm should invest in sending you to the IBM
Class [I'll be teaching in Dallas 2/28 - 3/4 or on-line live] CV960
"DB2 9 for z/OS Application Performance and Tuning" it covers most of
the topics you've mentioned. [See: my post of 2/01 [AD] IBM class...]
and the full course description:


You may contact me off line or call me to ask questions. 845-353-0885.

Larry Kintisch Pres., ABLE Information Services

At 13:11 2011-02-02, you wrote:
>Hi everyone and happy blizzard. If only we were talking about the
>Dairy Queen variety of blizzard and not this mess.
>In any case, I have been given an assignment to potentially build a
>SQL performance and design class for a bunch of Java developers who
>tend to work most frequently in Oracle. However, they need to be
>efficient in all 4 of the big 4 (DB2/LUW, DB2/Z, Oracle, Sql Server).
>Pretty much the standard topics:
>To join or not to join, best time to use triggers, stored procedure
>etc., effective use of explain and tools, transaction management
>(aka locking), debugging.
>Have any of you done this? To adequately cover this many topics in 4
>DBMS's in one week seems like a lot to cover especially with workshops.
> Would we do better to focus on just one of the 4?
>Does someone have such a class we could start from?
>Edward Long
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