TMON DB2 monitor V4.1 question -- DB2 V9.1 NF mode

Roy Asamoto

TMON DB2 monitor V4.1 question -- DB2 V9.1 NF mode

I've submitted this to ASG and received the usual request for more
information. While I am waiting for their latest reply I thought I'd
try this group too.

We are on DB2 V9 NF mode and using TMON DB2 V4.1

I am trying to create our own collection tables modeled after the
HISTDABP summary table. I used the DDL generator to create a summary
table adding 2 BP fields, DABSTLPP, and DABSTDPP. I first created the
summary table in the TDB2SUMM tablespace. I can load the table using
'HISTLOAD DB2ID=ALL TABLE=tablename, but when I use the HISTLOAD
DB2ID=ALL TABLE=ALL, the job just hangs.

Is this working as designed?

Do you expect only the 3 default tables that you summarize to be in this
tablespace, or do you expect us to have separate load statements for
each table and still use the one tablespace for all summary tables?

My next attempt was to create a detail table that for this the new
Summary table and use the LOAD statement to load the detail table and
then use SQL to summarize it to a summary table in a tablespace outside
of TDB2SUMM. I used the DDL generator to create the detail table.
There is no difference in table structure between this table and the new
summary table. It was created in the TDB2MAN tablespace. I am getting
a -180 sql error (invalid date timestamp) error on the detail table when
running the LOAD statement. I tried looking in your fixes but didn't
see anything that resembled our problem.

So to rephrase the questions I thought they should be able to answer
without any more docs:

Where should we put our customized summary tables, in TDB2SUMM with the
default tables or in a separate tablespace?

If we are supposed to put new summary tables in TDB2SUMM, do you then
expect us to name each table individually in HISTLOAD statements, or
should we still be able to use the TABLE=ALL parameter of the HISTLOAD

If anyone out there has done this successfully, I'd appreciate any
advice you can give me, either off list or on.


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