what are you looking forward to, or not?

Rob --- Sr. Database Administrator --- CFS Crane

what are you looking forward to, or not?

Glad to see you are coming. You will find several sessions of interest
to system/sysprog related dba roles for both z/OS and LUW. IDUG has a
technical roadmap that assists in finding topics which are in your area
of interest and responsibility.


Check out the Architect, System Programmer and Security roadmaps for

Participation in the Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings is a great
way to network with fellow technicians. There are several SIGs through
out the week.

Another idea, is to attend the Wednesday evening dine around, and spread
the word about a "sysprog" group for the dine around. There are several
folks attending that have similar responsibilities and roles that you
hold at your company.

On Sunday there is an orientation session, which would be good for new
comers, or folks that have not been to IDUG in a while.

Sunday, May 18, 2008
7:00pm - 7:30 pm - Inside IDUG, Conference Orientation
7:30pm - 9:00 pm - Welcome Reception

At the conference you will see several folks with blue polo shirts with
the IDUG brand on them. These are members of the North American
Conference Planning Committee. Any one of them can help ensure you are
getting the most out of the conference.

With your strong DB2 z background and your focus on learning more on the
LUW side, we have a couple NACPC members that can point you in the right
direction. (Paul Turpin, Vijay Sitaram, Fred Sabotka, Penny Jaskulke,
to name a few). I can make introductions at IDUG, just let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you, please tell Kretz and Bender I said

-Rob Crane

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I would vote for that.

Any suggestions for a newbie to IDUG? I've been to IOD (in its various
incarnations) over my years in DB2, but never made it to IDUG before.
I'm more of a sysadm than a dba these days; what shouldn't I miss?

I passed the DB2 9 Fundamentals and z/OS certifications at IOD last
fall. I need to work on the LUW one...

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My top two are the same as yours, Robert -- networking and
certification. But these are ancillary to my main reason for attending:
all those great educational sessions.

I've only been to one IDUG (2004), and I missed the DB2-L get-together
because I went to dinner with old friends. What do you think about a
DB2-L section in the lunch room? It would be nice to have a DB2-L
gathering someplace other than at a bar.


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Subject: what are you l;ooking forward to, or not?

to start the balling rolling so to speak, what are you looking forward
to in dallas? or what do you hope is not going to happen (aside from the
baggage being lost at the airport)

My choices are

1) networking (putting names to faces that i have seen/talked to)

2) passing the Cert test (well maybe not 'looking forward to' but at
least want to put this to bed

3) Taking a look at the stock yards in forth worth

4) Getting a cowboy hat that fits (i have a 'big head' and have yet to
find a hat that fits and looks nice

5) enjoyinh the warmer wheather

any thoughts. this is the list to express your opinion on both the 'soft
stuff' about the conference as well as the hard ones.

We have a number of people on the list that have been in the conferences
in the past and are involved with this conference, so feel free in
posting your questions.


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