Post conference post

Robert Galambos

Post conference post
So as the song goes 'its time to say good by'

I want to say a couple of words of thanks to all who I have met (putting faces to names).

Thank you for a enjoyable/worthwhile experience.

Business note, based on the feedback here as well as conversations we had in the conference, we will be creating a listserv for the each of the other conferences (details to follow later). It will be up to the various CPC's on whether they want to exploit this service and how.

Please feel to post here anything pretaining to the dallas conference, or go through the archive if you want. The target date for closing this list will be june 30.

For those who were involved in the 'great hat debate' it seems texasians think they have big heads, they don't. My third strike on a cowboy hat.
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