The wonders of air travel :-)

Isaac Yassin

The wonders of air travel :-)
What a day !!

And it has started 22 hours ago!

By midnight we were ready for take off and the plane was just positioned for
the take off run when we were called back to the gate due to some missing
paper-work (no computers !!!)
We drove to the gate and waited to the paper-work to be finished.
It took 2 hours.
By then the airport was closed till 5 AM - so we now have 5 hours delay and
I'll be at Denver only around 5pm
(I have 11.5 hours from TLV to Newark and then I have to wait for the 0220pm
flight that arrives at 438pm to Denver.

Have fun :-)

If there's anyone coming at the same time - please let me know.

Isaac Yassin
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