You have been added to the DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT list

Mark Labby

You have been added to the DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT list

Thu, 15 Apr 2010

You have been added to the DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT mailing list (IDUG
NA) as part of your registration for the IDUG North America 2010 conference.
This is a low volume mailing list that is designed to allow the people
attending the conference to start networking early and enhance the
conference experience. This is a place to discuss the conference, reconnect
with friends, discuss the weather in Tampa, make dinner plans, etc. It is
not an official channel for conference problems, but is a place for YOU to
connect with the other people who will be at the conference informally.
Official questions about your registration should be addressed to
[login to unmask email]

*While we hope that you will like this new conference offering, we do not
wish to add to unwanted e-mail volume. If you are not interested in
participating in this networking opportunity and want to be automatically
removed from the list, send a blank e-mail from the address that you
received this at to:*

[login to unmask email]

You are set to receive messages sent to this group in a daily digest format,
but if you are familiar with the IDUG DB2-L list, you can also receive each
message individually or have no message sent at all and review them on the
web based archive.

Here is some important information about your new subscription, which we
recommend that you preserve for future reference. Having this information
available will make it easier to recognize all the lists to which you are
subscribed and in case you want to unsubscribe or temporary disable mail

* The name of the list: DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT

< http://IDUGDB2-L.ORG >

The following email addresses are used for the specified purposes:

* To send an email to the list: [login to unmask email]

* To contact the list owner:
[login to unmask email]

The following URLs may also be useful:

* The list home page:

* The list subscription page:


If you do not already have a password for the IDUGDB2-L.ORG server, we
recommend that you set one now. A LISTSERV password is linked to your
subscribed address and is valid for all lists to which you are subscribed on
the IDUGDB2-L.ORG server. The same password can be used for email commands
as well as for access to the web interface for the lists to which you are

To set your password for this server, visit:

Note that this is NOT the same as your password, but is used
just for the listserv pages.



Subscription settings and preferences can be set using LISTSERV's web
interface. Once you have set a server password as explained above, you may
log in and set your preferences at:

Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can access
the list archives at:

You may need to log in to view the archives.


You may leave the list at any time by sending a SIGNOFF
DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT command to: [login to unmask email], or by
sending a blank email to:
[login to unmask email]

You can also tell LISTSERV how you want it to confirm the receipt of
messages that you send to the list. To send yourself a copy of your own
messages, send a SET DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT REPRO command.

Alternatively, to have LISTSERV send you a short acknowledgement instead of
command. Finally, you can turn off acknowledgements completely with the SET

This list is available in digest form. If you wish to receive the digested
version of the postings, then issue a SET DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT
DIGEST command.

You can also set the digest delivery option on the list subscription page

Following instructions from the list owner, your subscription options have
been set to "SUBJECTHDR DIGESTS" rather than the usual LISTSERV defaults.
For more information about subscription options, send a QUERY
DB2-NA-IDUG-CONF-PARTICIPANT command to [login to unmask email]

You may also check your current settings on the list subscription page at:

Home < >


If you need to change settings or wish to leave the list, please visit the list subscription page: