Hey! - Can I be the first to post??

Phil Grainger

Hey! - Can I be the first to post??
Looks like IDUG have reactivated the IDUG participant listserver for Tampa

Great - Now I have somewhere to ask all my icky tourist questions

Snag is, I don't really have any (yet) - having been a fairly regular visitor to the Tampa Bay area over the years

Have to say, Tampa is one of my favourite US airports - SO easy to use

The last couple of times, I rented a car - and despite having an Avis "rent faster" card, my wife STILL managed to get our luggage faster than I could get the car (and the rental offices are literally next door to baggage reclaim)


That will have set the fates against me!

Still, the days are ticking down - I've booked a vacation for the week prior to IDUG, so two weeks today I'm flying out to those warmer climes (ash clouds permitting, of course - we've had NO flights out of the UK for almost 36 hours now, and 7am TOMORROW is the earliest things will start moving)

Phil G


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