Central PA DB2 User Group - June 9th - Sheryl Larsen - Unleash the Power of SQL for Data Access

Cathy Peck

Central PA DB2 User Group - June 9th - Sheryl Larsen - Unleash the Power of SQL for Data Access

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Unleash the Power of SQL for Data Access
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
Sponsored By Central PA DB2 Users Group

Location: Central PA DB2 Users Group
1800 Center Street
Camp Hill, PA 17089
Training Room 2B-103
NOTE: Class is NOT being held where normal User Group events
take place!!

Fee: $295 per day (includes lunch)
Two intense days of award winning lectures given by experts in their
Unleash the Power of SQL for Data Access - $295 By Sheryl Larsen -
June 9th
High Performance Data Warehousing - $295 By David Beulke - June 10th

Registration: Cathy Peck
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Duration: 1 day Lecture only

Instructor: Sheryl Larsen
Biography – Sheryl M. Larsen is the founder / president of SMLI, and is an
internationally recognized researcher, consultant, and lecturer and is
known for her extensive expertise in SQL. She has over 20 years experience
in DB2, published many articles, several popular DB2 posters, and
co-authored a book, DB2 Answers, Osborne-McGraw-Hill, 1999. She is
frequently asked to keynote DB2 worldwide events. She is an IDUG ‘Hall Of
Fame’ speaker, President of the Midwest Database users Group
http://www.hmwdug.org, and a member of IBM’s DB2 Gold Consultants program.

Course Description:
Is your goal optimizing it? SQL education / tuning is a low cost, immediate
return and high ROI solution. Let Sheryl M. Larsen with 20+ years of DB2
experience and award winning course material increase your staff’s SQL
skills in one day of education.

Her recent performance audits have easily discovered poorly coded SQL
problems. These avoidable situations can cost you 50% CPU per transaction
or 25% of your total CPU utilization. Did you know the number of DB2 SQL
clauses has doubled in the past few years? Do you know about, the new,
partitioning, MDC and MQT features on DB2 LUW?

These new SQL and data warehousing features can quickly reduce your
operational costs and save you from additional hardware upgrades.

Sheryl’s SQL training class exposes students to the inherent power of the
SQL language, while making sure they know when to use what SQL. Leave this
class with powerful sample queries and the confidence to implement them.

The class provides a bound course material loaded full of real world
examples with detailed notes written for each slide, a comprehensive index,
and a vinyl cover to increase the long-term re-usability. Past students
comment that they refer to the material on a regular basis and have reduced
their overall SQL costs dramatically.

Course Outline:
· Things that Impact Query Speed
· Infrastructure Impacts
· Application Considerations
· SQL Clauses
· SQL Myths
· SQL Coding “Best Practices”
· Join/Outer Join
· Left/Right Outer Joins
· Over Use of LEFT JOIN
· Table Expression for Left Join
· Table Expression Uses
· Subqueries
· Calculating Gaps Between Column Values
· Audit Checking of Table Summaries
· Finding the Needle in the Haystack
· CASE Expressions
· The Power of CASE
· CASE For Calculation
· CASE For All Calculations
· Nested CASE for Complex Calculations
· CASE for Identifying
· Reducing Multiple Passes Against the Data
· CASE in Other Clauses
· Embedded Dynamic Syntax
· Emulating With CASE
· CASE to Change Join Criteria
· CASE to Change Sort Sequence
· Global Temporary Tables
· Global Temps Syntax – Created & Declared
· Practical uses
· Recursive SQL Syntax
· Recursive Processing Code
· Emulating Recursive SQL
· UNION Everywhere
· Hide Schema Under the Covers
· UNION Query – Rewrite
· UNION Views Benefits and Limitations
· Scrollable Cursors
· Stage 1 Unlike Data types
· 2M Statement Length
· Limited Fetch
· Multi-row FETCH
· Multi-row Fetch Storage
· Multi-row INSERT
· Scalar Full Select
· Dynamic Scrollable Cursors
· GROUP BY Expression
· DPSI Indexes
· Helps Improve Page Density
· Backward Index Scans
· DB2 Family Compatibility
· DB2 for LUW V8 vs DB2 for z/OS V8
· Manual Query Tuning
· Tuning Technique – X2QBOpt
· Seminar Conclusion