Central PA DB2 User Group - June 10th - David Beulke - High Performance Data Warehousing - RSVP by 6/3!

Cathy Peck

Central PA DB2 User Group - June 10th - David Beulke - High Performance Data Warehousing - RSVP by 6/3!

Greetings! Please check out the upcoming class for June 10th. Please rsvp
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High Performance Data Warehousing
Friday, June 10th, 2005
Sponsored By Central PA DB2 Users Group

Location: Central PA DB2 Users Group
1800 Center Street
Camp Hill, PA 17089
Training Room 2B-103
NOTE: Class is NOT being held where normal User Group events
take place!!

Fee: $295 per day (includes lunch)
Two intense days of award winning lectures given by experts in their
Unleash the Power of SQL for Data Access - $295 By Sheryl Larsen -
June 9th
High Performance Data Warehousing - $295 By David Beulke - June 10th

Registration: Cathy Peck
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Duration: 1 day Lecture only

Instructor: David Beulke
Biography – David Beulke is an internationally recognized DB2 consultant,
author and lecturer. He is known for his extensive expertise in database
performance, data warehouses and internet applications. He is currently a
member of the IBM DB2 Gold Consultant program, co-author of the IBM V8 and
V7 z/OS DB2 Certification exams, co-author of the Business Intelligence
Certification exam, past president of the International DB2 Users Group
(IDUG), columnist for DB2 Magazine and former instructor for The Data
Warehouse Institute (TDWI). He has helped clients with system and
application issues on the mainframe, UNIX and Windows environments and has
over 20 years expertise in numerous industries.

He specializes in performance reviews and tuning of large complex
operational and data warehousing systems saving his clients millions of
dollars in hardware upgrade and software licensing costs. He can be reached
at [login to unmask email] for any help, questions or comments.

Course Description:
Is your goal optimizing IT? Data warehousing education / tuning is a low
cost, immediate return and high ROI solution. Let David Beulke w/20+ years
of DB2 experience and award winning course material increase your staff’s
data warehousing skills in one day of education.
David’s data warehouse training features discussions on the performance
aspects of database design and the latest features that can dramatically
save time and CPU costs. Leave this class with several design options and
alternatives to maximize performance for your data warehouse solution.

The class provides a bound course material loaded full of real world
examples with detailed notes written for each slide, a comprehensive index,
and a vinyl cover to increase the long-term re-usability. Past students
comment that they refer to the material on a regular basis and have reduced
their overall data warehousing costs dramatically.

Course Outline:
Chapter 1: DW Performance Overview
· System Considerations
· Capacity Requirements
· Physical Characteristics
· End-User Considerations
· Platforms and Connectivity
· Maintenance Aspects
· Summary Points & DW Matrix

Chapter 2: Performance Architectures
· Architectures Trends
· Hardware Architectures
· Architecture Considerations
· Storage Architectures
· Processing Architectures

Chapter 3: Extract Performance Characteristics
· Extract Source Performance
· Extract Validation
· Extract Data Manipulation
· Scheduling Performance

Chapter 4: Designs Options for Performance
· Scope Design Considerations
· Data Warehouse Grain
· Design Options
· Answer Optimization
· Aggregates Design

Chapter 5: Key Designs
· General Key Designs
· Different Key Types
· Index Keys Considerations
· Key Designs for Partitioning

Chapter 6: Tablespace Definitions:
· Tablespace Page Considerations
· Tablespace Types
· Partitioning Alternatives
· Multi-Dimensional Cluster MDC

Chapter 7: UNION ALL and MQTs
· LUW partitioning
· Leveraging LUW partitioning
· Leveraging MQTs

Chapter 8: Business Intelligence Strategies
· Business Intelligence Definition
· Properties and Process
· Analysis Context
· Development & Implement
· Business Intelligence Practices

Appendix 1: Multi-Thread Prototype Process
Appendix 2: Partition keys and Aggregates
Appendix 3: Capacity Planning
Appendix 4: OLAP Tool Evaluation