IDUG Insider e Tip of the week - Volunteer Opportunity

Cathy Peck

IDUG Insider e Tip of the week - Volunteer Opportunity

Hi everyone. I'd like to share an IDUG solicitation for DB2 Tips to be part
of the IDUG Insider Website. If you could take a minute to share a short
tip, I'd appreciate it. Please feel free to forward to Mike directly @
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Tks! Seeya

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"Stout, Anne"
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07/13/2005 09:41

Please respond to
"Stout, Anne"
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Hello fellow Rug Leaders,

Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Anne Stout, a manager and DB2
system administrator for Dow Jones, I’m a RUG officer for the Philadelphia
User Group (DVDUG), and I’m the IDUG Insider Team Lead. One of my
responsibilities as IDUG Insider Team Lead is to insure that we have weekly
tips for the e-Tip of the Week section of IDUG Insider. Lately are tips
seem to be coming in a bit slowly, could you please consider providing a
tip for the IDUG e-tip of the week section of IDUG Insider, or encourage
your membership to do so? To submit a tip; you can log on to IDUG insider
and click on the eMail a tip icon, or send your tip directly to Mike who is
in charge of that section of IDUG Insider at [login to unmask email] .

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Anne Stout
Dow Jones & Co., Inc.
(609) 520 5240
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