Nov 7th-8th - DB2 V8 for z/OS - By Susan Lawson of YL&A

Cathy Peck

Nov 7th-8th - DB2 V8 for z/OS - By Susan Lawson of YL&A

Greetings everyone! Based upon your requests, I have set up a 2 day DB2 V8
for z/OS class with Susan Lawson of YL&A for Nov 7th-8th. Many of you may
recall Susan coming to town to speak @ the RUG Meetings & teach classes so
it's a great pleasure to have someone of her caliber returning to the area!
Susan's class abstract is attached below & can also be found on our PA RUG
calendar at: Please let me know by Oct 7th if you
plan to attend this class so that I can confirm that we have sufficient
interest. Tks! Seeya

DB2 for z/OS Version 8 Class
Taught By Susan Lawson, YL&A
Sponsored By The Central PA DB2 Users Group
Nov 7th – 8th, 2005

Registration: $400 for both days
Contact [login to unmask email] or 717-302-1723 to

Directions can be found on the User Group Website at:

Class abstract: DB2 Z/OS Version 8: Intense Look at What’s New

Platform: DB2 z/OS

Audience: All


Version 8 for DB2 on z/OS is the largest release in DB2s history and it
impacts several areas of our DB2 subsystem and applications. The theme for
V8 is ‘Breaking the Limits’ and it does so in many places. Many old
restrictions have been lifted and there are even new areas of memory to
take advantage of. There are also several new constructs in DB2 in the next
release such as data partitioned secondary indexes (DPSI)s and table based
partitioning that are going to change the way we have performed physical
implementations in the past. There are also many new features that will
effect of application performance such as materialized query tables,
multi-row fetch/insert, sequences and more. Other features include
improvements to Java, XML, backup and recovery, and much more. If you are
not going to take advantage of the new features V8 has to offer, you will
simply be paying the price in overhead just to have this new release. V8
also has a different type of migration and more dependencies (hardware and
software) than previous releases that will take more coordination and
planning, and that needs to start now. Are you ready?


o Materialized Query Tables
o Multi-row FETCH and INSERT
o Multiple DISTINCTs
o Group By Expression
o Dynamic Scrollable Cursors
o Enhancements to Identity Columns
o Sequence Objects
o More built-in Functions
o Recursion
o Common Nested Table Expressions
· Indexes and Tablespaces
o Backward scanning of indexes
o Varying length indexes
o Distribution statistics on non-index columns
o More matching predicates
o Star Join Sparse Indexes
o Data Partitioned Secondary Indexes (DPSIs)
o Table Controlled Partitioning
o Adding and Rotating Partitions

· Availability and Scalability
o Online Schema Changes (More ALTERs)
o New Indexes
o System Level PIT Recovery
o More Online ZPARMS
o Support for greater than 254 partitions
o Ability to add and rotate partitions
· Data Sharing Improvements
o Less XES Contention
o CASTOUT performance improvements
o Locking Improvements
· Administration and Network Computing
o DRDA Enhancements
o Universal Client Features
o ODBC and JDBC Enhancements
o Java Enhancements
o SQL Procedure Language Enhancements
o Stored Procedure and UDF Improvements
o Catalog Changes to support long names and Unicode
o SQL Statements up to 2MB
o Row Level Security
o Enhancements to Visual Explain and DB2 Estimator
o Control Center Enhancements
o Installation and Migration Considerations