March 14th - SQL for z/OS DB Performance Class - Dan Luksetich / YL&A

Cathy Peck

March 14th - SQL for z/OS DB Performance Class - Dan Luksetich / YL&A
Hi everyone! As promised, we have lined up Dan Luksetich from YL&A to teach
a SQL for z/OS DB Performance Class on March 14th for the Central PA Users
Group. You can locate the class details via the RUG Calendar Of Events: The cost of this 1-day class is $200. To register,
please rsvp by Feb 14th so we can ensure we have sufficent registrants.
Tks! Seeya

PS.... The March 15th Central PA DB2 Users Group agenda should be posted
w/i the week.

For those unable to access the calendar, attached below is the 3/14 class
SQL and DB2 for z/OS Database Performance Analysis and Techniques
Taught By Daniel Luksetich, Yevich, Lawson and Associates
Sponsored By The Central PA DB2 Users Group
March 14th, 2006

Registration: $200, Contact [login to unmask email] or 717-302-1723 to
Directions: Available via the Central PA DB2 User Group Website at:

Full Abstract:
SQL and DB2 for z/OS Database Performance Analysis and Techniques

This is NOT your average SQL tuning class! This is an overall approach to
SQL tuning, predictive analysis, and performance monitor that enables you
to design good applications, predict their performance, and monitor their
activity in a precise and controlled manner.

Database are growing at extreme rates, and with ever increasing transaction
volumes and complexity it is most important to have the proper design in
place and tested prior to implementation. Once the database is implemented
it may be accessed via many different ways (mainframe, intranet, Internet),
and you have to be able to track and report on application performance in a
complex environment.

This seminar will introduce the participant to SQL performance basics and
filtering, and give the user the skills to analyze and improve SQL
statements for performance. In addition, the participant will be introduced
to advanced SQL, and the impact on performance, as well as the ability to
use advance SQL for performance improvement. The proper monitoring of
systems and SQL will be presented so that the most import SQL will be tuned
first. The impact of advanced database object such as stored procedures,
user-defined functions, triggers and constraints will be discussed in
regards to performance. Techniques for the simulation and testing of
performance concepts will be presented, along with advanced database table
and index design for performance.

Areas Addressed:
SQL Access Paths
Filtering in SQL Statements
Different Types of Predicates (Indexable, Stage 1, Stage 2)
Filter Factor
Improving the Performance of SQL
Promoting Predicates
Advanced SQL and Performance
Using Advanced SQL for Performance
Advanced Database Objects and Performance
Proper Performance Monitoring
Accounting Traces
Use of DB2 Explain
The DB2 Estimator Tool
Simulation of Performance Concepts
Performance Testing
Table and Index Design Tips for Performance

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