April 18th - How to do a DB2 Performance Review Class - Central PA DB2 Users Group

Cathy Peck

April 18th - How to do a DB2 Performance Review Class - Central PA DB2 Users Group
Hi everyone. We have tentatively scheduled a 'How to do a DB2 Performance
Review' class for April 18th. If you are interested in registering for this
class, please rsvp so I can gauge interest. Below is the abstract. You can
also locate it via our calendar at http://www.db2parug.org. Let me know if
you have any questions. Tks! Seeya

How to do a DB2 Performance Review
Taught By Dave Beulke, Pragmatic Solutions, Inc
Sponsored By The Central PA DB2 Users Group
April 18th, 2006

Registration: $399 until April 4th. After April 4th, $499.
Contact [login to unmask email] or 717-302-1723 to register!
Directions: Available via the Central PA DB2 User Group Website at:

Full Abstract:
This class will detail the research, process and impact of doing a DB2
performance review of your DB2 environments, systems, and applications. An
overall system, architectural, database and performance tuning review can
dramatically reduce costs and improve system and application performance,
availability and scalability. By analyzing many processing performance
conditions and detailing various recommendations you can quickly improve
database application performance, throughput and response time.

This class will detail activities to evaluated production z/OS and
distributed LUW DB2 environments. This class will detail problem areas and
the improvements that can be made in system configurations, database
designs and batch, online and Websphere applications. These techniques at
my many consulting clients have dramatically reduced daily CPU consumption
and saved clients millions in CPU expenses and saved them from CPU

David Beulke is an internationally recognized DB2 consultant, author and
lecturer. He is known for his extensive expertise in database performance,
data warehouses and internet applications. He is currently a member of the
IBM DB2 Gold Consultant program, co-author of the IBM V8 and V7 z/OS DB2
Certification exams, co-author of the Business Intelligence Certification
exam, past president of the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG), columnist
for DB2 Magazine, and former instructor for The Data Warehouse Institute
(TDWI), He has helped clients with system and application issues on the
mainframe, UNIX and Windows environments and has over 20 years experience
in numerous industries.

He specializes in performance reviews and tuning of large complex
operational and data warehousing systems saving his clients millions of
dollars in hardware upgrade and software licensing costs. He can be reached
at [login to unmask email] for any help, questions or comments.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Performance Overview
Platform Properties
Architecture Attributes
System Settings
Database Details
Application Considerations

Chapter 2: DB2 z/OS Overview
DB2 z/OS Components
DB2 z/OS Architecture
DB2 z/OS Address Spaces
DB2 System Parameters
Operational Flow

Chapter 3: DB2 LUW Overview
DB2 LUW settings
DB Configuration
Directories, Files &Processes
Areas for Performance

Chapter 4: System Research Techniques
Basic Processing
Performance Attributes
Files and databases
CPU, Memory and I/O
Statistics Gathering

Chapter 5: Tablespace Design Review
Tablespace Page Consideration
Tablespace Definition Types
Partitioning Alternatives - z/Os and LUW
Multi-Dimensional Cluster MDC

Chapter 6: Index Performance Factors
Index performance Factors
Types of Index Keys
Index Key considerations
Keys for Partitioning

Chapter 7: Application Performance Keys
Connection Types &Processes
Application Characteristics
Error Checking
Application Top Ten Analysis

Chapter 8: SQL Performance
SQL Access Choices
Access Path Considerations
Explain Extended

Chapter 9: Application and SQL Research Methodology
Application Characteristics
Application Consideration
SQL Processing &Indexes
SQL Explain

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