Webinar Invitation - IBM DB2 Users Group

Lori A Galluzzo

Webinar Invitation - IBM DB2 Users Group
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Starting next week, Lumigent Technologies, Inc. will be running a series
of weekly webinars related to our Audit DB 6.0 data auditing solution.
The webinar, entitled "Choosing the Best Data Auditing Approach for Your
Organization," focuses on the three common methods for data auditing and
the benefits of each approach. The presentation will be an iteration of
what they delivered at the recent IDUG conference, which was very well
The invite:
We're running the webinars at four different times.
SESSION #1: Thursday, June 21 at 2 pm EST
SESSION #2: Thursday, June 28 11 am EST
SESSION #3: Thursday, July 12 at 4 pm EST
SESSION #4: Thursday, July 19 at 10 am EST
For more details, please go to:
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Data auditing is a critical function to secure data assets, comply with
audit policies, and understand exactly how your data is being accessed
and used.
There are three common approaches for collecting audit data: by reading
the details of the database transaction log, by capturing packets over
the network, and by using the native database auditing utilities
provided by database vendors. Each method has its strengths and
weaknesses. The technique you select greatly affects the depth of
information you collect and your ability to properly meet requirements
for compliance.
Join us for a live, interactive webinar where we will discuss each
approach. We will help to demystify the complex data auditing landscape
and offer a comparison of the methods used to audit database activity.
This webinar will provide:
- A review of the data protection requirements under SOX, PCI, HIPAA,
21CFR11, and other regulations; why data auditing is important to
- How to map common audit requirements to the collection of audit data.
- When to use database transaction logs, network capture, and native
To register, visit: http://www.lumigent.com/webinars/audit_approach/


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