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Mark Labby

Central PA RUG Website
We are looking for someone to help out with the Central PA DB2 user's
group by becoming the RUG website administrator. Before you click delete,
let me say that the role does NOT require a lot of HTML or Java knowledge.
IDUG will be providing basic website hosting for the regional user's
groups for free. The IDUG Web committee has developed a content based
application to get the sites up and running pretty quickly and easily. The
time commitment will actually be fairly minimal, not at all what you may
be afraid of.

Lori is doing a great job in running the RUG, but come on, we all know
that it's not fair that she does all the work. Is there anyone who will
be willing to help out here? This is a great way to help support your
local DB2 user's group.

The RUG web admin will be responsible for setting up the site using basic
templates and plugging in things like the names and any local graphics to
be displayed. Things like updating the calendar and putting the
presentations so people can review them are all supported. The format
will be simplified layout based on the main IDUG website at www.idug.org .

I can guarantee that you will have support from the IDUG web committee in
getting this up and running. I know for a fact that there are a number of
people on various IDUG web teams from the Central PA RUG. One in
particular is on the team developing the User's Guide and will be
supporting the RUG web administrators. IDUG is making a very large
commitment to help the user's groups and their websites be successful, so
you will not be alone. Did I mention that you do NOT need to know HTML
or Java?

If you are interested, please let Lori ( [login to unmask email] ) or me


Mark Labby

Senior Database Administrator
American Education Services/PHEAA
717-720-2731 -- [login to unmask email]
IBM Certified Solutions Expert, DB2 UDB v7.1 Database Administration for
IBM Certified Database Administrator, DB2 UDB v8.1 for z/OS
IDUG Web Committee

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