Employment Opportunity in Harrisburg

Mark Labby

Employment Opportunity in Harrisburg
PHEAA posted a job opening for a Senior Database Administrator this week. It
is for an experienced DBA - z/OS experience is beneficial. Information is
available on the PHEAA website http://www.pheaa.org - look in the column on
the right for Employment Opportunities about half way down the list.

LOL - for those of us who have heard the mainframe is dead for the past 10
years, this is one job where it is still desired...

On another topic entirely -

A planned migration of the DB2-L lists (including this Central PA list) to a new
host company is scheduled to start tonight (11/30/07) at 20:00PM Pacific
(23:00 EST/ 4:00 GMT). The first list being migrated will be the main DB2-L
list, with the smaller lists for various RUGs to follow shortly. The time for each
of the individual lists to be migrated is expected to be approximately 20
minutes, with the final list finishing around midnight Pacific time. *8:00 GMT)

When this is complete, you should not notice any changes in how you send or
receive messages - the e-mail addresses you have been using for the specific
listserv will still work. There may be a slight delay as the various DNS servers
refresh any addresses they have cached to point to the new servers, but that
normally happens quickly.

We appreciate your patience as the migration takes place, and hope that
doing this on a Friday evening will keep inconvenience to an absolute
minimum. We fully expect that you will be receiving all messages and getting
better service from the web portal as we all return to work next week. :)

In case of any issues or delays, you will find information on the main IDUG
website at www.idug.org. While on the IDUG website, you will also be able to
update your options, review the archives, or select from the many free lists
we offer by going to the Listserv tab.

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