Central PA RUG presents : One day Seminar w/Cheryl Larson - DB2 Applications Tuner's Boot Camp

Lori A Galluzzo

Central PA RUG presents : One day Seminar w/Cheryl Larson - DB2 Applications Tuner's Boot Camp
DB2 Application Tuner's Boot Camp

June 26, 2008 * Camp Hill, PA, United States

One Day Seminar June 26, 2008
Giant Super Food Store Community Room
3301 Trindle Rd
Camp Hill, PA 17011
100% of performance audits easily discover poorly coded or performing
SQL. These statements can easily add up to 25% total CPU utilization.

If your goal is optimizing IT, DB2 SQL education and tuning is a low
cost, immediate return, high ROI and low organizational blockade
solution. Let SQL tuning expert Sheryl M. Larsen with over 20 years of
DB2 experience, award winning lectures and course material, increase
your developers' SQL tuning skills in as little as one day of education.

Access paths are a significant factor of DB2(r) performance. DB2 chooses
access paths, but developers and DBAs need to understand how access
paths affect performance in certain situations. The class will
concentrate on the skills required to be competent at changing the DB2
optimizers mind: what each access path is, when they are good, when they
need to be altered, and when to apply the optimal tuning techniques. A
workshop will follow to reinforce these skills.
* Learn how DB2 executes index, table and join access paths
* Learn when each access path is optimal and non-optimal
* Learn recommended SQL tuning techniques for changing the DB2
optimizer's mind
* Learn how to identify potential access path problems
Sheryl will lead students with a comprehensive demo and workshop of a
free and convenient workstation tool for analyzing EXPLAIN output,
IBM(r) Optimization Service Center for DB2 for z/OS (DB2 OSC). This tool
is compatible with DB2 Version 8 and DB2 9 for z/OS.

DB2 OSC is a workstation tool for monitoring and tuning the SQL
statements that run as part of a workload on your DB2 for z/OS
subsystem. You can use DB2 OSC to identify and analyze problem
statements and receive expert advice about statistics that you can
gather to improve the performance of an individual statement or an
entire workload.

By using DB2 OSC, you can gather EXPLAIN information for SQL statements
and view that EXPLAIN information in a graphical format, instantly
clarifying the relationships between objects (such as tables and
indexes) and operations (such as table space scans and sorts). This one
day hands on workshop will take you from the basic to the advanced level
of using DB2 OSC and also provide a review of the DB2 9 SQL

Workshop prerequisite download: DB2 OSC is offered in the DB2
Accessories Suite for z/OS. You can use DB2 OSC on a Windows(r) 2000,
Windows XP, or Windows 2003 workstation that has DB2 Connect(tm)
Enterprise Edition or DB2 Connect Personal Edition, Version 8.1.7
(installation help will be provided on site)
* Bring you own laptops for the DB2 OSC workshop (sharing is
* Learn how to navigate DB2 OSC to view access path graphs,
EXPLAIN, and tune queries
* Learn how to identify and fix potential problems within a
* Become efficient at sourcing, reviewing and tuning SQL
Cost: $250 (includes lunch)
* Credit cards welcome
* Checks made out to Sheryl M. Larsen, Inc.
* Corporate Purchase Orders approval by phone (630) 399-3330

There will be an introduction to this seminar at the RUG meeting on
June 25th.
I f you are interested in attending, cc me ([login to unmask email]) &
USE this site to Pay & Register :

Lori Ann Galluzzo
Information Specialist/DBA - IBM DB2 V8.1 Certified Specialist &
Solutions Expert /ASFOA-US

US Healthcare
225 Grandview Ave.
Camp Hill, PA 17011, USA

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