Job opening in Dayton, OH

Tina Hilton

Job opening in Dayton, OH

- Provide DB2 database administration on SAP R/3.
- Performs database administrative utilities such as reorgs, runstats,
grants, etc for SAP R/3 databases.
- Ensures SAP R/3 database backups are successfully taken and performs
database recoveries as required.
- Monitors and tunes SAP R/3 database system for performance improvements.
- Researches and resolves SAP R/3 database system problems.
- Participates in projects requiring SAP R/3 database administration
- Responsible for ensuring that the appropriate SAP R/3 database
administration procedures are developed executed and maintained.

- BS/BA in Computer Science or a related field or an equivalent combination
of education and experience.

- Minimum of Five years DB2 in an OS/390 environment
- Minimum of One year with SAP R/3

- Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Must be available to perform functions during non-prime operating hours
(evenings/ weekends) on a planed and unplanned basis.

Below is my contact information. Please note that you can also get me
using AOL Instant Messenger at username CRenaldo SPCI.

Thanks again,


Visit us at:
Chris Renaldo
888-892-SPCI (toll free)
404-668-0438 (cell)
888-826-SPCI (fax)
Email: [login to unmask email]

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