An Invitation to Attend Mainstar's New z/OS Business Resiliency and Compliance Seminars in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

Carl Nelson

An Invitation to Attend Mainstar's New z/OS Business Resiliency and Compliance Seminars in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

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Hello ,

If you are responsible for:

* evaluating your company's Business Resiliency & Continuity
* implementing IT controls as a result of the Sarbanes-Oxley
* data center backup and recovery
* looking for solutions to mitigate the growing cost of DASD
remote mirroring
* looking for ways to automate critical file identification
and backup

Then, I would like to invite you to a FREE half-day Seminar on
Business Resiliency and Compliance on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 in
Pittsburgh, PA or on Wednesday, November 2, 2005 in Cincinnati, OH

Solving business resiliency and compliance issues isn't easy. Recent
industry and government regulations requiring tighter IT controls
over data assets makes attaining these objectives increasingly
complex - and yet even more crucial. Despite reduced resources and
smaller budgets, data centers must ensure that critical data assets
are accurately identified, backed up, stored properly, and readily
available for recovery.

In this seminar, you'll learn how Mainstar's solutions provide
automation, identification, centralization, and intelligent features
that help meet resiliency and compliance goals - while reducing the
strain on staff and other resources. With these tools, you can
become resilient to a variety of local and disaster outages, from
minor to catastrophic, and comply with tough regulations, such as
the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. In addition, you'll learn that meeting
recovery time objectives and providing a resilient, compliant
environment are not mutually exclusive.

Why attend? Consider the following:
Industry studies show that between 50 to 80 percent of backed up
data assets are not required for disaster recovery. Are you backing
up all critical data? Are you wasting resources on backups for data
assets you don't need?

* Is the process of creating and maintaining lists of critical
application data assets for backup manual or automated?
* Is the list created once and forgotten?
* How does your process manage newly added data sets?
* Does your process back up an identical list of data assets
each day?
* Are you identifying data assets for backup using a data set
name mask (i.e., PARTS.**)?
* How does your process ensure all critical data assets are
backed up?
* What is the impact if critical assets are missed and
therefore not available for recovery?
* What are the costs associated with the manual identification
and maintenance of these list of critical data assets?

The hot site industry has successfully recovered an average of 40
data centers per year. Are you ready to recover from a disaster?

* Is there confusion about what is and what isn't backed up?
* Do you know where all possible backups are?
* Do you know which backup is the most current?
* Do you know what the backup contains?
* At the local and/or disaster recovery site, do you have
difficulty identifying all available backups and selecting the
correct backup for restore?
* Are data assets backed up multiple times - needlessly
consuming resources?
* If you had a catastrophic disaster would you be able to
recover in a timely manner?
* Do you know which data assets aren't backed up - critical
data you might be missing?
* Are Partition Data Sets (PDS) members backed up before
critical changes are made?
* Can you ensure all changes to critical z/OS PDS members go
through your change control process?
* Would you be able to quickly identify and back out of an
unauthorized PDS change?

Mainstar solves the challenges of meeting resiliency and compliance
requirements in today's z/OS environment

To register for the FREE half-day Seminar in Pittsburgh, PA on
November 1st:

To register for the FREE half-day Seminar in Cincinnati, OH on
November 2nd:


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Account Manager - Mainstar
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Cell: (877) 883-7015
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