IBM Data Studio and PureQuey Webinar

Matthew A Rhea

IBM Data Studio and PureQuey Webinar


IBM Data Studio and PureQuery

If you are an application developer, architect, or database administrator
and would like to discover information on:

Increasing productivity of the development lifecycle.
Simplifying and speed the development of new skills.
Improving compliance of data and applications.
Improving JAVA data access development.

Then this technical webinar is for you.
Data Studio is an integrated data management environment designed to
increase the productivity and effectiveness of architects, developers and
administrators while improving the quality of service, cost of ownership
and enterprise compliance of data, databases, and data driven applications

Event Details

DATE: April 30, 2008
TITLE: Application Development Made Easier with IBM
Data Studio and PureQuery
TIME: 2:00 Eastern Time
DURATION: 2 hours
AUDIO: Toll Free: 888-507-5567
Audio ID: 016376

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