WinterCorp Launches TopTen Survey

Adrian Collett

WinterCorp Launches TopTen Survey
Per quelli che hanno dei Database molto grossi, questo sondaggio potrebbe
essere interessante.

Adrian Collett

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Winter Corporation Launches TopTenT Program that Recognizes the World's
Largest Databases Program Celebrates Users, Vendors and Products at Leading

WALTHAM, Mass (February 15, 2005) -- Winter Corporation, a
leading center of expertise in very large databases, has
launched the 2005 TopTenT Program to identify the world's file:
largest and most heavily used databases. Data collection
for the Program runs until July 15th. Winter Corp. will
announce the award recipients and research results on
September 8th.

The TopTen Program is a survey-based global research effort
directed at organizations with large-scale database
operations. The Program's primary objective is to pay
tribute to those who build or manage large data
repositories that support business-critical applications on
data warehouses and operational systems. The campaign
identifies the products, platforms and architectures that
comprise the leading implementations. In addition, the
TopTen Program recognizes the vendors whose products and
services have enabled users to reach these new heights in
database size and performance.

Any database with a minimum of 1TB of data (excludes
freespace and redundancy) may be entered. Respondents
complete a short questionnaire on current and projected
database size and workload, DBMS, server and storage
environments, database and system architectures, and
project benefits and obstacles. Participants are required
to validate their submissions by running queries developed
by their database vendor and Winter Corp. or submitting
system-generated documentation that supports their figures.
Award winners will be announced for up to 48 categories
defined by usage (DSS, BI or DW; OLTP, operational or
e-Commerce; Scientific, Content Store or Other), operating
system and the four Program metrics: database size
(compressed and uncompressed), number of
rows/records/objects and workload. In the last Program, 193
awards were distributed to 63 different organizations.

Awareness of the Program has grown steadily, as seen in the
ever-broadening cross-section of the participants'
location, job titles and industries. Participants represent
virtually all types of businesses. In the last campaign,
half of the questionnaires were submitted from sites
outside the U.S.

Doug Border, Chief Technology Officer at Stratapult,
commented, "Stratapult is delighted to have been selected
Grand Prize Winner status in the TopTen Program in
consecutive years. We strive to provide our clients with
technology solutions that meet business requirements and
improve their competitive position in the marketplace. The
Winter Corp. recognition helps validate the effort and
technical expertise that our talented development team
poured into this mission critical application."

The TopTen Program generates both promotional benefits and
research findings. Winter Corporation executes a campaign
to promote the achievements of the award recipients and
their industry vendors to the press, analyst community and
other database practitioners. Previous campaigns have been
covered by The New York Times, eWeek, InformationWeek,, CIO Magazine, Computerworld, Database Trends
and Applications, and other industry publications. Using
the survey data, Winter Corp. has built an actual - not
hypothetical - knowledgebase about large-scale database
operations, enabling the company to offer the foremost
primary examination of best practices at the world's
leading databases.

Kathy Auerbach, Director of the TopTen Program for Winter
Corporation, remarked, "Advancements in database size and
performance often signify that a previously unsolved
technical challenge has been mastered. Those who
successfully build and support large-scale databases
deserve to be recognized. The TopTen Program celebrates the
unsung heroes whose contributions are so vital to
organizations reaching their corporate goals."

The 2005 TopTen Program is sponsored by HP (NYSE: HPQ),
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), Oracle Corporation
(NASDAQ: ORCL) and Sybase Inc. (NYSE: SY). Sponsorship does
not sanction influence on the TopTen Program in any way.

Click here to learn more about the TopTen Program and for
directions on filling out a questionnaire.

About Winter Corporation
Winter Corporation is an independent consulting firm that
helps customers maximize the value of their large-scale
database solutions, data warehouses and operational
systems. The company provides research, consulting and
education services that help users and vendors define their
database solutions, architect and engineer their
implementations, and manage their scalability issues.
Winter Corporation focuses on database technology near, at
and beyond the frontier of database of scalability.

For more information, contact Winter Corp. by e-mail at
[login to unmask email], on the WorldWideWeb at, or by calling 617-695-1800.
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