Special IDUG 2005 - Europe discount for RUG members

Adrian Collett

Special IDUG 2005 - Europe discount for RUG members
Buongiorn a tutti,

Avrete visto in un precedente messaggio lo sconto di 226euro per l'IDUG
2005 per ch registra prima del 30 settembre.

Come membri del DUGI avete la possibilità di un ulteriore sconto di 50
Basta riempire il modulo in allegato e mandarlo insieme con il modulo di

Adrian Collett

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Subject: Special IDUG 2005 - Europe discount for RUG members
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 16:55:51 +0200
From: Jacqueline Bloemen <[login to unmask email]>
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Organization: BeKS Business eKnowledge Solutions GmbH
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Dear DB2 RUG Leaders,

As a RUG leader, we value your efforts throughout the year to make your
IDUG Regional User Group a success. RUGs play a crucial role in IDUG's
mission to bring information on the DB2 family of products to the
worldwide DB2 community.

To show IDUG's gratitude to our RUG volunteers, we are offering a 50
Euro discount off the IDUG 2005 - Europe registration fee to members of
each RUG, provided they have not yet registered for the conference.

To take advantage of this discount, simply print and complete the
attached form, and mail or fax it with your completed conference
registration form. This discount will be applied to the registration
rate for the date on which we receive your registration form. Please
note that the RUG discount can only be honored by attaching the coupon
when mailing or faxing your registration form, and you cannot have
already registered for the conference.

Make sure you take advantage of the current rate, which is only
available until next Friday, 30 September 2005, to save an additional
226 Euros off the full conference rate. For more information on
registering for IDUG 2005 - Europe, visit _www.idug.org_
< http://www.idug.org > .

If you are interested in printed Advanced Programmes for distribution to
your members, please let me know how many you need and where you would
like them mailed to.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Best regards,

Jacqueline Bloemen
European Regional Event Coordinator
International DB2 Users Group (IDUG)

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