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[Fwd: April Newsletter: How to get your hands on DB2 Viper]

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DB2 Magazine Email Newsletter

Volume 7, Issue 4


1. From the Editor
* How to get your hands on DB2 Viper
2. Poll Positions
* Are you using DB2 for iSeries?
3. Seminars and Webcasts
* Learn about integration, MDM, and SOA
4. Must Reads
* SQL for Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming
5. Skill Sets
* New certification articles and catalogs, plus
Chat with the Lab and more
6. In the Zone
* The latest DB2 and Informix articles from developerWorks

Find bottlenecks. Fix bottlenecks.
Find and fix DB2 performance issues with Spotlight on DB2. Monitor
your DB2 environment in real-time. Learn more in Quest Software's new
tech brief, "Spotlight on DB2. Managing Performance for DB2 UDB on
Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW)."
Read the tech brief today.


* How to Get Your Hands on DB2 Viper
News about DB2 "Viper," IBM's hybrid XML-relational data server, has
been circulating for months. Now, you can find out what all the talk
is about. Last week, IBM opened a test-drive program that puts Viper
in the hands of interested parties. (An earlier beta test period was
open to partners and a handful of customers.) DB2 Viper is the first
data server to offer "pure" XML storage alongside relational data.
Pure XML means it hasn't been shredded, decomposed, or turned into a
character or binary large object, so access (available via SQL or
XQuery) is more flexible and efficient. Viper offers more than the XML
capability, though. Many data warehouse shops are looking forward to
new range partitioning and data compression functions, and
anyone interested in securing data will want to take a look at the new
Label Based Access Control. DB2 Magazine covered the XML capabilities
last year. In just a few weeks, the Quarter 2 issue will be live with
an overview of features included in the test-drive version and
first-hand accountsfrom partners who participated in the earlier beta.
Here are links to the test drive program and the DB2 Magazine article.
--Find out about the DB2 Viper test-drive.
--Read "Firing Up the Hybrid Engine."
--Browse the Gartner study.

"Data Cloning Made Easy"
Discover simplified, automated DB2 data cloning with MS/VCR. Register
to view the Data Cloning Made Easy Webcasts at your convenience.



* More on DB2 for iSeries?
Several readers have written to DB2 Magazine requesting more coverage
of DB2 for iSeries. Help us learn more about the DB2 for iSeries
readership by answering a simple question online.
--Sound off in the DB2 Magazine poll.

* Where Do You Stand?
When it comes to DB2 releases, are you ahead of the curve or at the
back of the pack? Find which versions your peers are using.
--Browse last month's poll results.


* On Demand Webcast: Successfully Integrating Master Data
Organizations can mitigate risk, collapse time to value, increase
productivity and recognize higher quality deliverables by leveraging a
complete information integration platform with methodology,
accelerators, and a full range of implementation services from IBM and
its partners. Learn from IBM Business Consulting Services' Dick
Hoffman and Information Management's Robert Rich how master data
management can deliver a unified accurate view of core business data.
--Watch the Webcast.

* Webcast: SOA -- Ensuring a Competitive Advantage through
Infrastructure Interoperability
To ensure competitive advantage, companies must enable processes
to interconnect easily in a flexible infrastructure based on business
needs, making SOA an ideal approach. If properly managed and secured,
it can provide the reliability and interoperability that is crucial to
the open ended data flow necessary to succeed in this
technology-driven economy. To fully benefit from SOA, companies need
to employ the right metrics and be consistent in their use. A new
Webcast compares SOA with other IT approaches and explains how SOA
adds value and
affects ROI.
--View the Webcast.


* SQL for Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming, Third Edition
By Joe Celko
The third edition of this popular book by SQL guru Joe Celko features
new examples, and updates to SQL-99, expanded sections covering query
techniques, and a new section on schema design. The advanced
programming techniques covered can be used with any RDBMS in any SQL
environment. War stories shed light on real-world programming
challenges and their solutions.
--Find out more about SQL for Smarties.


* Information on Demand Blogs
IBM launched a new series of dynamic, interactive blogs dedicated
to Information On Demand topics. Bloggers include IBM executives Jon
Prial, Anant Jhingran, Andrew Warzecha, Bob Picciano, and others. The
blogs feature lively and far-ranging discussions on the power and
value of information.
--Join the conversation.

* IBM Spring 2006 Training e-Catalog
IBM is offering a Web-based, interactive catalog for training in the
United States. The catalog features new or updated courses in 26
curriculum areas, plus information about discounts and other offers.
--Download the catalog.

* Chat with the Lab: Information Warehousing with DB2 Viper
The first Business Intelligence Best Practices Chat with the Lab,
which took place March 14, offered a preview of DB2 Viper technology
and what it will mean to the information warehousing/business
intelligence community. A replay of the chat, hosted by IBM's George
Baklarz, is available for download.
--Hear the replay.

* DB2 Certification in a Nutshell , Skills Availability
A new article, written by DB2 Magazine Skills Zone columnist Howard
Fosdick, explains everything about the DB2 certification process,
including IBM's certification road map, what to study, and where to
find free resources to support certification efforts. Fosdick also
updated his "Database Skills Availability: Critical to your Selection
of Database" whitepaper, which examines issues such as open source,
autonomic computing, and an increasing demand for database skills.
--Read the certification article.
--Read the skills availability article.

*Information Management Certification Newsletter
The second edition of the Information Management Professional
Certification Newsletter is now available. This newsletter, developed
for IBM Certified Professionals who have earned one or more
certification credentials, provides certification news, events, and
preparation materials and resources.
--Read the certification newsletter.

*International Discounts on Information Management Books
If you live outside the United States and want to save on book
shipping costs, click on the International tab in IBM's Information
Management Bookstore. There you'll find links to international book
sites where you may be able to minimize shipping costs. The
Information Management Bookstore also offers information on titles
translated into German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and more.
--Browse the Information Management Bookstore.

* New Redbook: Dimensional Modeling In a BI Environment
This new IBM Redbook describes and demonstrates dimensional data
modeling techniques and technology for business intelligence and data
warehousing. The book helps readers understand how to design,
maintain, and use a dimensional model for data warehousing that can
provide the data access and performance required for business
--Download the Redbook.

*New Content and Document Management Redbook Drafts
Draft versions of two content and document management Redbooks are now
available. The Content Manager Implementation and Migration Cookbook
highlights the basic concepts needed to design and implement a Content
Manager solution, including data modeling, workflow, text indexing and
search, application development, query language, security, and so on.
The Document Manager with Records Manager Solution Guide draft
provides a general solution guide for Document Manager integrated with
Records Manager. The Redbook helps readers plan and design, install,
configure, and implement a solution
--Download the content management Redbook.
--Download the document management Redbook.


* Querying DB2 XML data with XQuery

* Develop DB2 applications using persistence-based frameworks

* ISV success with DB2 Viper

* Enable "cdr check" functionality within IBM Informix Dynamic Server

* IBM DB2 Content Manager for iSeries, Part 7: Understanding the APIs

* IBM DB2 Content Manager for iSeries, Part 8: Performance tuning

* Update: DB-Access Utility for Windows allows connectivity to IDS
Version 9.40.xC2


IBM Information On Demand 2006, October 15-20th, 2006, Anaheim, CA.
The premier information management event for business
and IT professionals. Register Now!


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