AD: Register for CA's May Mainframe Madness

Aurora Dell'Anno

AD: Register for CA's May Mainframe Madness
Hello there,

I hope you will not hate me (or ban me from the list) for this once-off advert for a CA-lead FREE AND OPEN event to all Mainframe users.

Some of you will be already familiar with our May Mainframe Madness from last year, for those who are not, here is the marketing blurb:

Please sign up for CA May Mainframe Madness and tell everyone you know to sign up early for May Mainframe Madness too. And encourage them to tell everyone they know, for that matter.
If you want more information go to
Together, we're going to make May Mainframe Madness the most amazing mainframe event anyone has ever seen. We're focused on changing the way the mainframe is managed forever, and May is our time to tell the world.
This is going to be an incredible month long mainframe virtual event, we will have a wide range of mainframe speakers talking about everything mainframe.

From Dayton Semerjian the GM of the CA mainframe business unit to product experts from CA and outside, to customers and partners talking about their experiences of aspects of the mainframe world to great pundits like Jon Toigo, Randall Munson and Frank Abegnale (catch me if you can) and industry experts talking about new and exciting ways to promote the benefits of the mainframe inside your own companies, as well as some amazing surprises and a wide range of competitions and birds of a feather sessions.

There will be sessions for the most experienced gurus as and people brand new to the mainframe.

There will be something for every mainframer.

Sign up early so that you can receive regular updates as to what will be happening, including some pre-event competitions. There will even be competitions!
And of course for those customers who want to hear the news first hand and discuss their mainframe requirements and questions face to face, those power players should be coming to CA World.

CA World information and registration in open and can be found at

It's the single place where you can find everything you need to maximize the value of your IT investments. And it's the only education, training and networking conference on IT management that has valuable content for every member of the IT organization.
We're launching some amazing programs and products, and have top shelf venues for our customers and CA staff to hear the message. There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the mainframe world.

Reg Harbeck
ca, Inc.
Product Management Director for Mainframe Strategy



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Sr. Engineering Services Architect
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