Advanced SQL Coding and Performance

Harriette Matthews

Advanced SQL Coding and Performance
Open your eyes to the power of SQL, and achieve maximum performance.

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Taking DB2's SQL features to the limit

Advanced SQL Coding and Performance
2 days in Columbia Maryland, 8/30-8/31
Cost: $1145 (GSA $960)

The SQL language is becoming more feature rich with every update to the ANSI
standards and subsequent releases of DB2. Not only that, but the non-OS/390
features are slowly creeping into OS/390 DB2.

High performance SQL requires much more than an understanding of the syntax.
New techniques must be learned to write the solutions for the business
information in as few SQL statements as possible.

In this course, you will see examples of how SQL can solve very difficult
business problems, and why this type of SQL never gets written. Other
examples demonstrate problems you may need to solve and offer solutions to
problems you haven t even encountered yet. Presented are advanced examples
of joins, table expressions, CASE expressions, table functions, SQL
recursive processing, and many other features of the UDB family.

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