IDUG 2007 - San Jose, California

Chris Straub

IDUG 2007 - San Jose, California

Want to attend the IDUG 2007 NORTH AMERICA for free? OK, that got your

What matters most to the conference is the technical content of
the presentations. The IDUG 2007 North America Conference will be held in
San Jose, California May 6-10. The deadline for submission of an abstract
is September 1st. IDUG’s focus is on user experiences – this is where you
find out how it really works (or does not work), not how it is supposed to
work according to IBM. Ready to share your DB2 knowledge and strengthen
the DB2 community? Ready for some industry recognition? Not for me,
you on.

Never presented before? No problem. Email me and I can tell you how
the experience can be.

We all have something worthwhile to share. An unusual tuning problem?
Strategy on how manage some aspect of DB2? Cool SQL?

All you need to submit is a brief abstract, bullet points and outline.
If selected, you will have several months to put the presentation
together. Not very good with Powerpoint? No problem - if your
abstract is chosen the IDUG conference presentation committee can
assist you in finding someone with Powerpoint expertise who can help
you. If your presentation is chosen, then your IDUG 2007 North
America Conference registration fee will be waived.

Give it a serious thought and feel free to contact me at any time.
Remember, you are very likely to get approval from your manager if
you don’t have to pay the registration fee (approx $1,800 last year).

Click here for details:

I hope to see a healthy number of presentations from the Pittsburgh area
next year. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make this happen.

IDUG needs you!

Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

Chris Straub