PITT DUG - October 7th - sign up now!!!

Chris Straub

PITT DUG - October 7th - sign up now!!!
Here's a link to a pretty cool and interactive access path resource... just
passing it along.

This was put together with Sheryl Larsen's help... who just happens to be
our feature speaker at the next Pittsburgh DB2 RUG on October 7th!!!!!
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The full agenda will be out next week.

Hope to see you on the 7th!

Chris Straub
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Access Path Presentation (Central
Canada DB2 User Group)

Hello Joseph,

I’m writing to you to call your attention to an interactive (and free)
access path resource that we created with the help of Sheryl Larsen. She
certainly knows this area very well and did a great job in working with us
to present some very detailed information in this interactive flash. If
you have a minute to take a look, here’s the landing page for it (
https://www.ca.com/us/Register/form.aspx?CID=173646). At this point, we
only allow online access to the flash but if you’d like, I can send you the
file. We are in the process to make the file downloadable after people
register at ca.com. We have a white paper on this topic in process as well.

Self Guided Technical Reference

CA has collaborated with industry expert Sheryl Larsen to produce this
interactive technical resource on access paths, which details all 16 access
paths the DB2 9 for z/OS optimizer can choose.

Access paths are shown in animated detail, including the newly enhanced
Nested Loop Join and Direct Row Access, as well as a brand new join called
Pair-wise Star Join. This resource can be used as a learning tool covering
all available access paths, or leveraged as a quick reference tool for
specific access path details and considerations.
If you have any feedback, please send it along.

Hope to see you in Toronto.

Adam Frary
Director, Product Marketing
CA, Inc

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