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Free DB2 Webcast
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What: Webcast - 'The DB2Night Show Episode #38- DB2 LUW MDC Tables "in The REAL World"
When: Friday January 21, 2011 11:00 AM EST
Cost: Free
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Chris Straub
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Subject: The REAL World" with Susan Gausden And Terry Mason, Directors, Brooklands Technology Limited, UK' - Friday January 21, 2011 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

Hi RUG Leaders,

Would you please pass this onto your members:

The International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) is pleased to partner with DBI to deliver a free Webcast by renowned presenter Scott Hayes, President & CEO, DBI.

'The DB2Night Show Episode #38- DB2 LUW MDC Tables "in The REAL World" With Susan Gausden And Terry Mason, Directors, Brooklands Technology Limited, UK'

Last week IBM guests Paul Z and Pat Bates shared with us their expertise on DB2 LUW MDC Tables. In this Episode, we have tapped two very special guests from the UK, both IBM DB2 GOLD Consultants, who will share with us their field (real world) experiences for using MDC successfully to achieve outstanding performance results. We are pleased and honored to have Susan Gausden and Terry Mason from Brooklands Technology Limited join us. In addition to sharing MDC tips and best practices, they have a few horror stories to share as well - this is a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others!

Susan Gausden is a certified database consultant experienced in data warehousing, database performance and multi-platform architectures. Susan is English and French bilingual and previously worked for major software and hardware vendors in North America.

Terry Mason is a certified database consultant, experienced in data warehousing, performance assurance, and database migrations. He was a founding director of the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) and has worked extensively in the UK and North America.

The DB2Night Show now has a LinkedIn Group - join us to stay up to date on our show and discuss show episodes! The group registration link can be found on < >

We hope you will join us and participate as a studio audience member. One studio audience member will be randomly selected to win an electronic gift certificate!

If you can't make the scheduled time, register anyways so that you get information about recorded replays. Lastly, please forward this invitation to at least 5 of your friends! Thank you!

About the Presenter:
Scott Hayes, President & CEO DBI, will be the keynote speaker for this Webinar. Scott has published several articles in DB2 Magazine (now IBM Database Magazine), and he is a frequent speaker at DB2, ISACA, and ISSA conferences on topics of database performance, security, and auditing. He is also providing free DB2 LUW education via the DB2 Magazine blogs at:

Webcast Schedule Times – Friday, 21 January 2011:
USA (CST) 1000 to 1100.
UK (GMT) 1600 to 1700.
Central Europe (CET) 1700 to 1800.
Universal Coordinated Time 1600 to 1700.

To register: < >
For more information don’t forget to visit the IDUG website at < >

Linda Adams
IDUG Web Team.


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