Themis Education: Seattle IT Public Training Schedule

Barb Lidstrom

Themis Education: Seattle IT Public Training Schedule

Barb Lidstrom
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From: Hale, Tammy [mailto:[login to unmask email]
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 9:09 AM
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Subject: FW: Themis Education: Seattle IT Public Training Schedule

It's finally coming; quality DB2 application training in the Seattle
area! Please sign up or forward this information on to the DB2-ers who
are looking for training opportunities.

Tammy Hale, Technical Specialist-Sr
DB2 Database Administrator, RBSS
Washington Mutual
1300 2nd Avenue, WMC0607, Seattle, WA, 98101
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Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 8:54 AM
To: Hale, Tammy
Subject: Themis Education: Seattle IT Public Training Schedule


Listed below are the upcoming public classes from Themis Education that
are scheduled in Seattle
< > .

If you are interested in a class/technology that is not currently
scheduled, please review the 400+ Courses
< > we offer and send us an email
or use the Course Request
< > function on our
web site.
We will be adding to our public schedule as we receive additional

Complete Public Schedule < >

DB2 for z/OS SQL & Application Programming, June 18-22
Seattle, WA
DB2 SQL and Application Programming is a 5 day course targeting the
needs of programmers and developers writing applications that access
data stored in the DB2 environment.
The presentation is an integrated mixture of lecture and workshop
activities that introduce and reinforce the basic techniques and
approaches to relational database technology as implemented in DB2.
Topics covered include structure and manipulation of DB2 data,
operational considerations in both on-line and batch environments;
integrity; embedded programming techniques and preparation; and an
introduction to performance analysis.
Material comprising the course is consistent with DB2 for z/OS Version
The workshop activities follow the classroom material and are designed
for both topic reinforcement and practice.
Programming topics are supported by workshops in both the on-line and
batch environment, this includes precompiling, compiling, linking, and
the various options of the DB2 BIND.
Full Course outline
< > Registration
link < >

DB2 for z/OS Application Performance & Tuning, August 20-24
Seattle, WA
This training course provides DB2 developers with the technical
knowledge necessary to develop optimal performing SQL Queries and DB2
The course provides the attendee with the practical knowledge necessary
to tune and develop queries that utilize efficient predicates and access
It also provides performance enhancing application design and coding
Full Course outline
< >
Registration link
< >

WebSphere MQ Intro & Application Programming, September 10-13
Seattle, WA
Day 1 is designed to provide the skills necessary to determine the
feasibility for using Message Queuing in implementation of application
A complete look at the features and facilities provided by the various
MQI products will be provided.
Days 2 thru 4 are designed to provide the skills necessary to understand
the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by WebSphere MQ.
Full Course outline
< >
Registration link
< >

Introduction to Java for COBOL Programmers, September 24-28
Seattle, WA
This course provides experienced programmers with the ability to utilize
the structure and syntax of the object oriented Java programming
language for both general business and Internet programming
The student is prepared to code, test, and execute Java programs making
use of the facilities provided by the language.
The course can be taught using any development environment including
WSAD and Eclipse.
Previous knowledge of the C or C++ programming languages is not required
but would be helpful.
Full Course outline
< >
Registration link
< >

National Classes of Interest

CO1010 COBOL Programming
< > May 14 - May
18, Greenville SC

DB3010 DB2 for z/OS Database Administration
< > May 21 - May
25, Mechanicsburg PA
XM1034 Advanced XML
< > May 22 - May
24, Woodland Hills CA
MQ1021 WebSphere MQ Application Programming in Java
< > June 4 - June
7, Philadelphia PA
DB1050 DB2 for z/OS Design
< > June 4 - June
7, Woodland Hills CA
CI1010 CICS/TS Command Level Programming
< > June 11 -
June 15, New York NY

Of course, if you have questions or require additional information,
please call or email.


Cory Mongno

Training Advisor

(800) 756-3000 < >

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