The DB2Night Show Episode #50: "DB2 LUW vs Oracle Usability Study Part 1"


The DB2Night Show Episode #50: "DB2 LUW vs Oracle Usability Study Part 1"
Aunque esté prevista en día festivo, os remito la invitación para el capítulo 50 del DB2 Night Show for LUW; posteriormente estará disponible para ser visto en modo offline.
The International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) is pleased to partner with DBI to deliver a free Webcast by renowned presenter Scott Hayes, President & CEO, DBI. -

The DB2Night Show Episode #50: "DB2 LUW vs Oracle Usability Study Part 1

Triton Consulting in the UK and the IBM Toronto Lab teamed up to work on a DB2 LUW versus Oracle Usuability Study. You will hear from Triton and IBM experts as they compare similarities and differences in database administration, you'll learn how tasks are best achieved with DB2 LUW, and you'll get to see how Oracle folks attempt to administer their databases. Certainly you will learn something that will help make your job easier.

PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO HOLIDAYS, WEDDINGS, and other WORLD EVENTS, Parts 1 and 2 of this series will be airing on THURSDAYS instead of our usual Fridays.

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We hope you will join us and participate as a studio audience member. One studio audience member will be randomly selected to win an electronic gift certificate!

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About the Presenter:

Scott Hayes, President & CEO DBI, will be the keynote speaker for this Webinar. Scott has published several articles in DB2 Magazine (now IBM Database Magazine), and he is a frequent speaker at DB2, ISACA, and ISSA conferences on topics of database performance, security, and auditing. He is also providing free DB2 LUW education via the DB2 Magazine blogs at:

Webcast Schedule Times – Thursday, 21 April 2011:

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