DB2 for z/OS User Feedback Wanted

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DB2 for z/OS User Feedback Wanted

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Subject: DB2 for z/OS User Feedback Wanted

Dear DB2-L members,

The DB2 for z/OS User Experience team is looking for volunteers. If
you are a DB2 for z/OS system programmer, DBA, or application
developer and are interested providing feedback that could shape
future product features and information, please volunteer to
participate in a user feedback session.

Up coming topics include 1) query optimization, 2) monitoring /
automating object maintenance, and 3) a DB2 for z/OS information
roadmap. If you are interested in any of these topics, please send an
email to [login to unmask email] and we can work out the details of
scheduling a session. In appreciation of your participation, we will
offer you an honorarium of $75 for each hour of the feedback session.

The feedback sessions can be conducted at our Silicon Valley
Laboratory in San Jose, California or remotely through web-based
desktop sharing. You will have the opportunity to get hands-on
experience with prototypes of future product features. In some cases,
the product features in question will be unannounced and you will be
asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In all cases, the feedback
you provide can play an important role in shaping the DB2 for z/OS
product and ensuring future releases provide you with even more


Kevin McBride
DB2 for z/OS User Experience
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory
F142 / 555 Bailey Ave / San Jose, CA 95141
[login to unmask email]
External: (408) 463-2002 Internal: 8/543-2002 Fax: (408) 463-2343

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