Mainstar Webcast: Clone DB2 Subsystems Fast - Using MS/VCR

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Mainstar Webcast: Clone DB2 Subsystems Fast - Using MS/VCR


I'd like to invite you to attend our webcast entitled, Clone DB2
Subsystems Fast - Using MS/VCR, on Wednesday, December 7th at 11:00
AM Pacific Time.

In this presentation, Kelly Smith will discuss the on-site Fast Data
Replication cloning tools, IBM FlashCopy and SnapShot, and clones
created by Splits of Continuous Mirrors using tools, such as IBM
PPRC, EMC TimeFinder, HDS ShadowImage, Softek TDMF, and Innovation's
FDRPAS, and what they can be used for. She will explain how to clone
the data and how to access the 'cloned' data from the same system
when the data set names and volume internals are exact duplicates.
Find out how Mirroring Solutions Suite: MS/VCR solves the 'same name
problem' by renaming and cataloging the data sets on the 'cloned'
volumes, in record time. If you are interested in cloning DB2,
you'll want to see how MS/VCR updates the cloned DB2 internals with
the renamed file names. This enables you to exceed the demand for
increased online access of databases for other uses.

This webcast is on December 7th at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

You can find out more and register on-line at:

Vanessa Mack
Marketing Assistant
Mainstar Software Corporation
425-455-3589 x246

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