Help make DB2 #1 - vote now

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Help make DB2 #1 - vote now


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Subject: Help make DB2 #1 - vote now

To the Board and CPCs, here is your chance to increase exposure for DB2 to
people that don't know anything about DB2 (but should). IT Toolbox hosts
over 200 blogs and has over 150,000 subscribers all in the IT world (from
CEOs to IT Architects to Application Developers to DBAs to Security admins,
etc). They are now holding their version of the Oscars called the IT
Toolbox Readers Choice awards and there are 2 DB2 blogs nominated in 3 of
the 5 categories. Here is your chance to make DB2 number 1 and expose that
to 150,000 people, many of whom are potential members and part of IDUGs
strategic initiatives (namely reaching out to more application developers,
managers and business intelligence architects).

Go to this website and cast your
You will find the following blogs nominated (voting closes on Monday)
Best Blog: An Expert's Guide to DB2 Technology
Best Technical Blog Getting the Most out of DB2 for z/OS
Best New Blog: An Expert's Guide to DB2 Technology

If you haven't seen these blogs before, take a look as you may get
something out of them. In fact, here are some blog entries that
specifically mention IDUG and IDUG events (you should all get a kick out of
the first one as I ran a little contest and hopefully you all get the
answer right away :-)

Part 2 - How to easily populate a table with random data
The latest IDUG Solutions Journal is now available for download
IDUG Europe 2006 Call for Abstracts ending soon
Monitoring Your Database with Just Scripts

Thanks for your support and feel free to share this info with your

By the way, you can subscribe to Willie's or my blog by going to any of the
above entries and putting your email address in the top right of the screen
and clicking on subscribe

Chris Eaton
Senior Product Manager
DB2 Competitive Technology
My DB2 Blog

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